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Originally Posted by podpharmer View Post
police let people go all the time for minor crimes (small amount of weed for example) so by your reasoning weed is legal.
This has nothing to do with weed.

just because they don't charge someone does not mean it is not a crime, it just means its not enforced
It is not about whether charges are laid. I am stating that it is not a crime to begin with.

and no i don't believe they will enforce anything against airsoft/paintball
Correct, because there is no crime.

and several people have screamed repeatedly that the new ruling has changed nothing airsoft has been firearms since 2012 (later verified as 2009).

so it would be a crime to point it at someone regardless if its enforced or not.
No. There are exceptions as listed above

you cant have it both ways.
The FA is full of exceptions.

either it was a firearm since 2012 and a crime to point, or it pick one
You are implying that all airguns are firearms all the time for all purposes, with no exceptions. The law says otherwise. You apply the correct exceptions for the correct items at the correct time.

This has been covered ad nauseum here.

Some of us have been doing this for awhile.
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