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I have discussed this with a few people and the bottom line is simple.

"How would you be charged with a crime"


What circumstance would need to occur in order for something to materialize.

A better way of looking at this is simple. Say you are driving down the street speeding. You get pulled over. You happen to have a meat cleaver on the passenger seat. Or a butcher knife. Or a sword. All to be sharpened at the hardware store.

All of the above will trigger the next level.

So lets use airsoft as an example.

If you are on my field:

1) You are on private property. Property they hunt on with real guns. Not ones that shoot plastic balls.
2) Property is situated well away from roads etc. You don't step out of the car feet from a major road.
3) When you show you sign a CLEAR waiver saying what you are going to do. No "walk on people"
4) Goes with above, there are over 1,300 of these signed-most repeat
5) Game goes on and people leave with articles stowed away so as not to be on a seat like a---oh---butcher knife.

Now, lets look at this a bit different.

Say a player decides to hop on the TTC (bus/subway) to head off to his favorite walk on game. In the GTA. A lady spots a gun in 2 pieces in a big gym bag. She calls the cops at the next stop.

Woops...who is at fault? The host? The player?

This is the issue. Which is still the same as when Airsoft started.

Care and Control.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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