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There are exceptions to pointing a firearm as a crminal offence. Case in point, film, theatrical and TV production. They often use real guns as well as replicas. They point them, and even discharge blank rounds. You don't see wholesale prosecutions of armourers and actors.

The legislation is the same for them as it is for us. Much of our legislation is intent-driven, or mens rea (guilty mind). Without intent to commit a criminal act, and pointing an airsoft gun at others with the expectation of it and agreement to it, there are no laws broken.

That being said, perhaps to ensure that all parties at games understand this, waivers should be mandatory for all participants (whether armed or not) with informed consent that an airsoft gun will be pointed at you, and you accept that by participating. Also, 18+ only, as you can not get informed consent from a minor. This is to CYA and eliminate questions of intent.
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