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Originally Posted by Cameron SS View Post

I am not a troll I swear, but I do have a legal background that tells me that this court ruling is going to significantly impact the Airsoft and Paintball sports unless it is addressed by legislation from Parliament.
Care to back that up? Exactly what is your "legal background"?

I mean this IS the internet and here I am Barack Obama, but not the peace and love version you see after the CIA is done tampering with all your media lines. The legit hard core let's get rich and be all up on a boat about it!

Or I'm just an asshole that enjoys being humorous when reality has checked out. Who knows!?

What I do know is that you're still making an argument based on loosely gathered "Opinion" calling it "fact!" and now trying to support that with "Well I got a legal background!" As far I as I can see you're intentionally pushing misinformation now. So if you really do have the legal background you claim, explain it. Otherwise you're just continuing to pressure and idea in bad faith.

Either realize this is a group of people with a large number of informed individuals who take great care in making sure what they do on their spare time is perfectly legal. Also note that many of these people have professional lives that hinge on making sure they stay good and legal in everything of their their lively activities. Then continue to note that it is rather insulting to suggest that regular people need to be Lawyers, Police, Paralegals, Judges, or some such that has "legal background" to be able to understand law.

OR... you can always keep:


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