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Originally Posted by vadimak17 View Post
the max budjet is 450 ONLY for rifle
i just updated my last post take a look at it please ;D
Dude, you're not listening to us.

I just did a quick shopping trip on torontoairsoft... the cheapest GBBR M4 + 5 magazines (whopping 150 round capacity) with tax came to $689.30. That's a gun +5 mags. That's it. Nothing to carry the 5 mags in, none of the required maintenance stuff for a GBBR, no gear, no protection, no BBs, no gas, nothing.

For the last time, for your budget you should be looking at an AEG. What is so fucking hard to comprehend about this?

Agian, the best gun you've linked to so far is the Classic Army M15. It's a solid choice, not too expensive, and for your budget is perfect.

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