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Below snipped from the CGN thread (where Cam continues to insist we're all committing a crime by airsofting, and our mags are prohibited).

I'll take the word of the Chief Firearms Officer and those in the know here. Thanks

Hi all,

I have been in contact with the CFO's office (Sgt Niedermaier) and the official stance from the CFO's office is that business is as usual and nothing is changing with respect to how they are handling medium powered airguns. Nothing has changed between before the ruling and after the ruling in enforcement. They view the ruling as a clarification only.

Sgt Niedermaier told me that he had been ganked by calls and emails about this issue - and after consultation with the legal department, the stance is that nothing has changed. There are no new laws - and according to the Sgt, the only thing the decision has done is clearly and unequivocally defined that medium powered airguns are potentially very dangerous and that they should be treated with respect. They should be handled, stored, transported, displayed and used responsibly.

Smart people already treat their airguns (no matter how powerful) as NR or R firearms. It only makes sense.

The CFO will not be breaking down your door if you own Crosmans or Daisys and they will not be camped outside the local Canadian Tire waiting for the next kid to buy a bb or pellet gun. If you are an idiot and wave your pellet or BB gun around like a maniac, the local constabulary WILL throw the book at you. Translation: Don't be an idiot.

The Sgt was very kind to call me back yesterday considering how busy he was. EVERYONE from the Anglers and Hunters to the NFA were jumping up and down his spine ready to torch him - no matter what answer he gave. According to him, the legal department told him the logistical, political, financial and popular nightmare full enforcement would cause wasn't worth the crazy.

So, in summary: According to the CFO's Office the Dunn ruling is a clarification - nothing more. Nothing has nor will change in the way Medium Powered Airguns have or will be treated.
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