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You mean to tell me that there's people who HAVEN'T been treating their Airsoft as firearms? APART from the retards I refused to sell guns to?

I for one am fine with all this.

The law on paper demonstrates that the sky is not falling, but if all of this scary confusion causes ball shrinkage and a mass exodus of half-way players, then the overall quality of the player base will improve, Cabelas et al will sell less scary half-guns to retarded parents of retarded children, and we can all slink back into the margins.

I think the real lesson to be learned from thread is:

If you are not currently and/ or have not been treating your Airsoft guns as fireams, you are a profound moron, get the fuck out of my sport.


-An Adult

And while I think trigger locks would be a mild (and absurd) inconvenience, I WILL do it if necessary, because I am an adult.

Edit 2:
This post should be read (partially) with jovial intent.

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