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Originally Posted by rc_p120 View Post
You don't understand do you? By being declared 'firearms' they fall into a very different category than the previously 'grey areas' that we have been used to, and the interpretation and enforcement of firearms law in this country is very strict. .
Originally Posted by Cameron SS View Post
2. Yes I know what a robbery constitutes. No, you do not need to discharge the firearm. Never said pointing a gun was non violent. In fact I've advocated the opposite. Yes, pointing a FIREARM is considered a threat. And guess what, airsoft guns are now FIREARMS. Do you get it now? you've completed the circle for all to see. FIREARMs, which NOW INCLUDES AIRSOFT, are WEAPONS!, regardless of weather or not they meet the intent based definition of weapon in the criminal code.

Welcome to the big boy world of firearms laws. And you think this is a good thing?
I swear to god if I hear "your guns ARE NOW FIREARMS" one more time, I'll turn this forum around and ain't none of you going to disneyland for christmas!


Please stop ignoring this statement when you post your replies about all the "new" rules we have to abide by. We are all abiding by the rules set out 2 years ago, and none of them have changed because our guns ARE STILL the same firearms they were.

*rage subsiding*
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