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Originally Posted by Cameron SS View Post
Welcome to the big boy world of firearms laws. And you think this is a good thing?
Well I for one am just tickled pink to be freed of my childish delusion and into the BIG BOY WORLD OF REAL STEEL FIREARMS LAW.

Airsoft guns have been "firearms" for years, this is not new.

We know, if you do something stupid with your airsoft guns, like commit a crime or wave it around it public, you're f*****. We know.

If you transport your guns loaded and ready in plain view, you're dumb. We know.

If you leave it lying around loaded on your kitchen table and your kid shoots his eye out, you're dumb, we know.

We can all keep an eye on our favourite AS retailers and see if anything else develops, but enough is enough here. Over 9 pages, we've got more than enough of your interpretation of the situation.
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