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Originally Posted by rc_p120 View Post
You don't understand do you? By being declared 'firearms' they fall into a very different category than the previously 'grey areas' that we have been used to, and the interpretation and enforcement of firearms law in this country is very strict. Where there used to be ambiguity and officer discretion for a bb gun on the way to a game, with firearms it's far more rigid and harsh. And I'm not talking about the obviously stupid and dangerous behaviour, I'm talking about basic things like storage, transport, magazine limits, pointing, zoning..

I really really hope that you guys are right and that this is nothing. But it sure don't sound like nothing. But I do hope that in fact nothing changes for us. Fingers crossed. As Solomon Freidman a firearms law expert and lawyer, said on TV the other day; lock up your airsoft guns, transport them like real guns, cross every T and dot every I because there is no previous case law for being charged with a regulatory firearms offence over an airsoft gun yet so who knows what will happen going forward.

For the Nth time in this thread.

They are and always have been firearms.

That's how you could import them yourself by referencing the RCMP FRT; the Firearms Reference Table.

The "shitpump" based his defense on them not being firearms and the current interpretation being wrong.

He was found guilty because he made a lot of poor choices in the past and was led astray by bad actors and he's turning his life around this weekend; oh sorry wrong thread,,,,,,,,,,,,

He was found guilty by the very same law that lets you own airsoft.

Often termed in lay circles as "Poetic Justice".
Airsoft, where nothing is hurt but feelings.
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