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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
See now you're just digging a grave. Instead of replying with additional facts and information to counter arguments now you're going to twist peoples words into saying something they did not?

There was no indication of speed, only that the individual did NOT comply with police. The way you've twisted it in response suggests that my comment is stating that cops just just shoot anyone that looks like they have a gun.
Sorry but I didn't think your comment was meant to be taken as a serious argument. No, you didn't mention speed, nor did you actually mention 'complying' with police. Just putting your hands up on first encounter.

Anyone silly enough to walk down the street with an M60 and NOT put their hands the fuck up when encountering an officers needs a strict injection of lead STAT!
Your post certainly does not imply that police ACTUALLY shoot just anyone that looks like they have gun, but it certainly implies that YOU think they should.

And lastly, what facts and additional arguments did you think I needed to provide when for the most part, I was agreeing with you?
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