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Originally Posted by rc_p120 View Post
You don't understand do you? By being declared 'firearms' they fall into a very different category than the previously 'grey areas' that we have been used to, and the interpretation and enforcement of firearms law in this country is very strict. Where there used to be ambiguity and officer discretion for a bb gun on the way to a game, with firearms it's far more rigid and harsh. And I'm not talking about the obviously stupid and dangerous behaviour, I'm talking about basic things like storage, transport, magazine limits, pointing, zoning..

I fully understand. I'm telling you that this changed nothing and only puts your toys into the exact area that made them legal to use for so long. If they're declared a "controlled firearm" or "replica Firearm" then you're up shit creek with out a paddle. Right now they're no different than any other pellet gun you pick up at Crappy Tire. As for the "pointing" you again have little to worry, as the definition is left open so as to not open a new can of legal worms for sports such as paintball or toy nerf guns etc etc.

Zoning is a completely different nightmare from this. Which is what I was hinting toward with the city by-laws.

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