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Originally Posted by Cameron SS View Post
Asides from thinking that someone who is a bit slow to put their hands up when encountering the police after having done nothing illegal needs to a lead injection, I agree with this 100%.
See now you're just digging a grave. Instead of replying with additional facts and information to counter arguments now you're going to twist peoples words into saying something they did not?

Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post

Anyone silly enough to walk down the street with an M60 and NOT put their hands the fuck up when encountering an officers needs a strict injection of lead STAT!

There was no indication of speed, only that the individual did NOT comply with police. The way you've twisted it in response suggests that my comment is stating that cops just just shoot anyone that looks like they have a gun.

Originally Posted by rc_p120 View Post
I see alot of comments about how airsoft has been through this before, and airsoft survived this and that and we will be okay, etc... Well, if they are now considered 'firearms' you have to listen to the firearms guys and their knowledge on how the law is applied and the history of dealing with RCMP and the govt on these issues. The wording of this declaration gives me that whole 'we're not in Kansas anymore' type of feeling. Crossing into the legal territory of being a firearm is something that you may mockingly describe as the 'sky falling', but it increases the risks by huge degrees for taking part in the sport, even if you have NO bad intentions! The gun community has been living with this for decades.
This has never changed though. Airsoft has always fallen into a grey area of "non-controlled firearms". They have always been teetering on the edge of "replica firearm" but instead were categorized with other air-guns; which were "non-controlled" firearms. You didn't need a license to own them etc etc. There are air guns that are "controlled" and require licensing.

Nothing changes with this "ruling" on further review because it really is a basic hashing of everything that has let us be "legal" for the last 16 years or so.

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