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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Police officers aren't robots. You think they're going to slap you with a shit ton of firearm charges just because you didn't put a trigger lock on a toy gun in a case on your way to a game?
YES. Charge you and you can have your day in court, even if you win, you're still out tens of thousands of dollars. Locked hard cases, ammo not stored near the guns, trigger locks...

That is how it works with firearms, and the SCC has pretty clearly stated that airguns are now firearms. This is fairly recent declaration, but as CameronSS said, I'm sure policies and guidelines will be put in place over time and the potential is there for them to be treated exactly as firearms are now. I HOPE I AM WRONG. But it's not a good sign is it? It's frankly idiotic.

I see alot of comments about how airsoft has been through this before, and airsoft survived this and that and we will be okay, etc... Well, if they are now considered 'firearms' you have to listen to the firearms guys and their knowledge on how the law is applied and the history of dealing with RCMP and the govt on these issues. The wording of this declaration gives me that whole 'we're not in Kansas anymore' type of feeling. Crossing into the legal territory of being a firearm is something that you may mockingly describe as the 'sky falling', but it increases the risks by huge degrees for taking part in the sport, even if you have NO bad intentions! The gun community has been living with this for decades.

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