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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
They aren't insults! They are meant in the nicest possible way....

The law and legislation is already in place. It has been provided to you, and its purpose, in this thread in depth, along with all relevant links in this thread. We have been dealing with airsoft and firearms laws in Canada since the beginning of time, and have worked directly on their alteration and interpretation to make our sport legal. That also sets precedence. I'm sorry your interpretation isn't sitting well with you, but this court ruling still would've changed nothing as we'd already be in trouble by you train of thought anyways. I see what you're saying, but what you are saying is that buying a kitchen knife, and then walking from the store to your car, with the knife in a bag, makes it a concealed weapon, because some dude somewhere threatened someone with a box-cutter.
Actually, that's not what I'm saying. But first, apologies if I have perceived insults where none were made.

At a very basic level, the difference between a weapon, and a firearm, is that any object is a weapon if it is intended by the person who possesses it to be used in a harmful way. Any object can be a weapon, but only if its is used, or intended to be used as such. Without any intent, a kitchen knife can never be a weapon, and therefore can never be a concealed weapon.

Firearms, are markedly different. Despite the absurdity of the statement, "Firearms, by their design, are inherently weapons". Therefore, as soon as you intend to conceal a firearm from view, you run the risk of being in possession of a concealed 'weapon'. Again, this is also an absurd statement, because the transportation regulations specifically mention the requirement, where possible, to conceal things from view.

Lastly, the ONCA decided Dunn in 2013. As the supreme court merely affirmed this decision, yes, nothing really has changed since 2013, except that the appeals process has now been exhausted.

If the RCMP has simply refused to address or enforce an issue up until this point, nothing is stopping them from starting to enforce it now. In fact, now that the appeals process is complete, is the best time to begin doing so.

Firearms owners have been languishing under nonsensical laws for more than 40 years, and many of the attacks on legitimate activities were predicted well in advance, in the midst of nay-saying and accusations of fear mongering.

I truly hope that you're right. Time will tell.

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