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They don't always make laws to limit carry or what you can own, most of the laws being made are to add charges to criminal offenses.

When that guy took the bus with his rifle to shoot up York university, lawmakers afterwards made it illegal to carry a firearm on public transportation.
Do you think the firearm community was worried it would lead to a ban on firearms?
It only affected a select few firearm owners, but the point of the law was to add one more criminal charge to anyone using public transport to go commit a firearm related crime.
They lumped in airsoft guns with firearms so they can add more charges to a person pointing an airsoft gun at a police officer.

The ban of airsoft makes no sense what so ever, and even lawmakers must see that. I'm sure anyone would rather be held up by an airsoft gun, in which they're in no actual life threatening situation, instead of a real firearm, or even a knife.
The person committing the crime still gets charged with armed robbery as if it were a real gun, but nobody was in any life threatening danger. It's win/win for everyone.
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