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Originally Posted by Cameron SS View Post

Care to provide a reference for that?

"firearm" means any class or type of gun or other firearm including a shotgun, rifle, air-gun, spring-gun, long-bow or cross-bow;

The definition itself is never recanted or stipulation for the approval of any device that is a type of "gun" which is air/compressed gas operated "tools" to be discharged with in city limits.

This actually makes me want to take the Hilti DX 460 out back and try to chrony the discharged nail. The device is rated with a max 325J of force load and uses strips of gun powder loads to fire. Has ALL the markings of "gun" and I have zero doubt it will exceed the 214fps to make this a firearm. I do have a holster that is covered to prevent it from falling ((also tethered)) when working at heights so could possibly get nailed (heh) for having a "concealed" firearm. And it is often always loaded when on site; even left in an unlocked case unattended in the tool crib where anyone that wanted/needed it could collect it. Well fuck.

Good thing I stocked up on those ACME Umbrellas!

Also, Kalnaren was no less direct and rough on the language than you have been to all in the conversation. I'd be a lil less on the offensive that direction; things tend to fall back on ya when you loose the logic game and start the finger game.

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