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Originally Posted by rc_p120 View Post
So you guys are saying this will not effect enforcement of the law or perception by police officers in any way? Really?
It won't change a single thing. The reaction to airsoft in public is already in a constant state of misunderstanding with law enforcers. The reality is that these events are still so uncommon that no special training is applied to police forces in dealing with this sort of law.

There are many that often harp on officers "not knowing the law". But the reality is in Canada dealing with Gun crime is extremely limited by the very low number of events. And the events that do take place are very often too clear cut to be worried about that comma, spacing, misspelled word, or translation of sorts. Strictly speaking of course what I mean is that LEO in Canada generally encounter firearm events that are severe. Someone has opened fired, murdered someone or is straight up trafficking them. These sorts of events are easy for officers to deal with ((legally speaking)) as it's a straight up "Cuff em, book em, toss em to the lawyers!" Of course there is tonnes of specialized training to deal with this as we are talking physical threats here.

When you get into the nitty gritties of every day life, the laws become both unclear and underused by law enforcements. For example a Farmer can keep a loaded firearm unlocked in his home for the protection of live stock; he can carry this on his person when about his property through out the year. But expect a beat cop to know the exact section and definitions of such permissions in the Firearms Act? Even with google it would take me a little while to track that down for you reader right now. But the reality is the appearance of such a situation is... Random guy walking around with a loaded gun! "ON THE GROUND NOW SCUMBAG!!!" However that said, officers that spend time in Rural areas tend to become familiar with the particulars of the area and how such people live, think, act etc.

Problem is, that when it comes to Airsoft, you're never really talking rural officers. Anyone silly enough to walk down the street with an M60 and NOT put their hands the fuck up when encountering an officers needs a strict injection of lead STAT!

The end of the day, this will cause no more or no less confusion in how officers understand intricate laws at the street level. You move like an idiot, talk like an idiot, brandish what looks like a gun; you're going to be treated like an idiot with a gun. How you handle the situation can either diffuse everything ((you know, being smart about how you transport, where you play, what you say etc)), or escalate the situation... ie. perforation of the body or brand new jewellery.

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