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SUPREME COURT OF CANADA RULES. Is this is new news and how this affects us?


Stop what you're doing and read this statement, maybe 5-6 times if that's what it takes to sink in:

The ruling did not make our air guns / airsoft guns firearms. THEY ALREADY WERE. THEY'VE BEEN FIREARMS SINCE 2012.

They were exempt from the rules then, and they are still exempt from the rules now, because NOTHING CHANGED. Nothing was reclassified, or classified for the first time. We have been using "firearms" since 2012. Period. No debate. This is fact. Look it up.

All this ruling reaffirmed, is that if you commit a serious crime with a air gun, you will most definitely be charged as a full fledged firearm. This has been the case since 2012. This ruling was just confirming that.

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