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Didn't the supreme court specifically mention that airguns were firearms for the purpose of transport? The ruling isn't meaningless, but it doesn't affect airsoft, since we already safely transport all our guns, and it's not targeted AT airsofters. It's meant to put more charges on fucktards that carry them in the city.

The firearm act and CC outline what an uncontrolled firearm is, touch on air guns, make mention of exemptions from being firearms, but also mention that basically all things air gun, replica, uncontrolled, etc are still considered firearms when used in criminal activity.

214fps doesn't mean jack shit. Until they attach a joule limit to it, it's really just an ambiguous number.
366fps is still a minimum for import, and by extension, sale. You can still own a gun that shoots under 366fps, regardless of what the RCMP's opinion of the law is.
783fps on .20s is the upper limit before it becomes an actual controlled firearm. That's exceeding 500FPS AND 5.7joules

Police officers aren't robots. You think they're going to slap you with a shit ton of firearm charges just because you didn't put a trigger lock on a toy gun in a case on your way to a game?
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