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Originally Posted by rc_p120 View Post
'Confusion' that can lead to people being criminally charged with illegally transporting or storing a firearm by having an AEG in an unlocked soft case or a GBB without a trigger lock is some pretty serious shit.
Doubtful. There are millions of more airguns in Canada than other firearms. The sky is not falling, and will not fall. There are many exemptions currently that airguns sit in legally, and not a single one of those was undone by any decision. In fact, absolutely no changes were made. Once you understand the case, the reason for the decision is a not a shocker.

We're both gun owners, we know that.
I own more in guns than most people pay for new vehicles. I am not worried.

I am more worried about some jackass shooting his handgun at trashed cars at the local dump.
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