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Originally Posted by rc_p120 View Post
So all of our airsoft guns less than 500fps but more than 214fps (read-just about all of them) are now considered real firearms.... How the fuck is this not a devastating blow to the airsoft community again? This was a Supreme Court of Canada decision not a twitter status.
Once you understand that a clarification of existing statutes is what the ONCA decision was, and that the SCC affirmation of said decision is nothing more than an agreement with a clarification of existing law, what has changed? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The law has not changed.

The interpetation of the law "may" have changed, but interpretation is open to change, always has been, we have been dealing with that already for years now.

Take your guns to game and use them. The is no blow to the airsoft community.

Please read entire thread before freakout. Drake got it all down already.
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