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look up a video on how to "field strip" your gun: it'll help you a lot with maintenance. Big key is to always keep the tracks in your slide and blowback unit (the part between your hammer and the barrel) clean from any dirt or grime (which is often oil and dust). Also, keep the slide track oiled with lightweight silicone oil and a drop in the blowback unit. You don't need too much oil: just a drop will be enough.
You can reassemble your gun and play with the slight a few times to make sure everything runs smoothly. Firing two or three shots will work your blowback unit (don't forget to actually use bbs, or else you can damage the blowback unit)

the best oil for most gas pistols is the Airsoft Innovations GBB oil: doesn't leave residue and it's specifically made for gbb pistols.
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