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This has been by FAR the best answers I could have hoped for! I was under the impression it was the field that made things more milsim. Or at least thats the impression I took away. Phrases like "this is a great Milsim Field", made me wonder, hence the questions.

I like the idea of a simple plain lot of trees. Want bunkers? Build them! I also like the idea that milsim is more about the mind than the field. Now I will be off doing a serious amount of research into what makes milsim, milsim! although I do like the ww2 guys for what they do as milsim. Complete kit, structured ranks, THAT is milsim! I'd be much more into it if I had money enough to buy myself a kit and the correct weapons.

Thanks you guys so much for not only answering my question, but for being actually helpful. I appreciate it.
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