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little bit of silicone oil mixed with propane when storing the mags long term.. a little bit of pressure kept in the mags keeps the seals tight, the oil keeps it soft. You can also use pre oiled greengas if you like overpaying for the same thing.

I try to avoid oiling the mags when in use, that oil comes out and fouls the hopup reducing accuracy. Since it's a TM though you can expect the main seal on the mag to blow up anyways from using greengas or propane since it's a higher pressure than 134 gas.

use the included barrel swab and some paper towel with a tiny bit of oil on it to swab the inisde of the barrel careful you don't get any oil on the hop up rubber.

A little bit of oil on the hammer/striker mechanism

some oil on the slide rails of the frame to keep the slide loose, free and moving. Removing old oil first of course, cause the oil attracts dust and dirt.

Silicone bearing oil for RC cars is the best to use since it has no propellant in it, it's just oil. Avoid using spray can oils, the propellant can react badly to rubbers and plastics.
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