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Interesting answers I would never have expected. No structures and by this I understand no bunkers as well as no buildings. That would make it at least more realistic, and milsim. I think anyhow… And the idea of not having any specific buildings to focus the fights on, it’s no longer about objectives? Or are the objectives something altogether different? I’m also guessing there is no CQB outdoors for the milsim fields. I wonder if that will make a big difference or if it will just cause the fights to be centered around it.

I know at the field I’ve been playing on most of the time, there is a maze structure and it’s rarely the focus for most newer players. Its so very small inside, not a lot besides hallways and most players seem to have shied away from anything so intense.

This is great information so far. I don’t know why there aren’t more fields that are left undeveloped for the milsim players, it seems almost too easy for a field owner! At the least, I think I need to get out to more of the bigger fields and bigger games to see how everyone else does their thing. Having a field that is undeveloped and no structures seems downright simple and easy! I don’t know why I haven’t seen more like this…
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