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Field Design

There has been some talk of Milsim fields in the older posts Iíve been reading. So Iím wondering what makes a field Milsim and not just a typical skirmish field? Is there really that much of a difference?

Being a relatively new player to the airsoft sport, Iím not sure what the differences might be, so please be patient with me as I know this will seem like a noob question to some.

I figure that if more fields are geared towards Milsim the players and teams will be happy, the field will have more players coming out, and everyone wins! Maybe Iím wrong, but it does seem like many players are looking for Milsim more often than they are looking for skirmish.

Iím not a field owner, but if I know what the Milsim field is supposed to look like, I can talk to the owners of the fields I go to and hopefully we will all see more fields that offer more of what the players actually want.
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