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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
They call those days weekdays over there.
Indeed. That forum does tend to eat their own. I certainly don't feel like I have been mistreated based on my comments either. I would highly expect a degree of skepticism as someone admittedly new to the forum, and to airsoft.

As Cliffradical graciously pointed out, I did not come here in the name of hostility or with any malicious intent. This is being hotly debated on gunnutz, and so far the airsoft community has been under represented in that debate. I came here specifically to check in with what the more legally astute individuals on this forum were saying.

Drake, good catch on the section 99 thing. I did misread that. Apologies.

I've spent the weekend searching for case law that supports your interpretation that supports the ability to consent to having a firearm pointed at you, and I can't find any. Its possible that the issue has never gone to trial. If you have a reference you would like to point out, I'd be happy to review it.

What I did find, is that you can not, under any circumstances, consent to grievous bodily harm. This is why despite consenting to playing hockey, someone can be charged if they take a deliberately and malicious swipe at someone, especially outside the confines of the game, after the whistle, etc.
Can you not imagine how this could be applied to your sport in the instance of what I think is called 'Bonus Balling'? I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Also, I have pointed out that many municipalities have bans against discharging firearms within city limits. Now that the vast majority of airguns are firearms, do you not think this applies as well?

Just because the RCMP lack the resources and intent to prosecute this now, doesn't mean they never will.

As for magazine limits, I still don't see how Airsoft/Paintball/Pellet guns with MVs over 214 FPS are exempt. You pointed to the RCMP bulletin, which is not law, and I quote the law which does not specify centrefire/rimfire. You never addressed this. Are there any magazine limits being applied to Airsoft firearms now?

As for storage and transportation, it seems like the Airsoft community has already embraced the fact this applies to 366+ FPS guns, so maybe its not a big deal that it now applies to 214 FPS guns.

While I don't personally Airsoft, I have many friends that do, and routinely encourage me to try it, as I am sure you will too. I mean the sport no ill-will. The last thing I want is another community of sporting enthusiasts to be blind sides by seemingly harmless changes in law, and miss an opportunity to do something about it.

Many firearms owners thought that the Firearms Act was a good deal for them when it first came out. 20 years later hundreds of thousands of firearms have been confiscated, and thousands of people have been financially ruined defending themselves in court having committed no real or apparent crime. The poorly written Gun Control legislation in Canada has had 20 years of scope creep, and this recent catches an even greater number of relatively harmless objects into that quagmire.

Many here seem intent to ignore it as meaningless, and I can tell you that rulings from the Supreme Court of Canada are anything but meaningless.

If you're right, then think me a troll, put me on your ignore list, and go back to enjoying your sport like nothing ever happened. If I am right, which I hope I am not, than in the coming weeks months and years when the full impact of this ruling becomes known, many will claim that they never saw it coming, and complained that no one ever warned them.

Its been happening in the firearms community for over 20 years, and every time another gun gets banned and confiscated, its the same chorus from the usual suspects. "How can they do this?" "When did the law change?" from the ignorant who were asleep, and "I told you so?" from the 'chicken littles'.

Again, apologies to anyone I've offended. I truly wish you all the best. Danke, I'm looking forward to your clarifications.

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