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A few questions about airsoft

Well im a new member here and a few things caught my eye in the airsoft community so i came here looking for awnsers but first off..

Im not gonna lie to any of you, i am 15 and underage for airsoft and i understand. Im gonna have to live with what i can see here the Dreaded Clear airsoft Canadian tire guns to play with my friends.

Last year i thought about getting an airsoft cuz i talked about it with my father who thinks its cool ( since airguns have changed alot from his days ) but after alot of thought i didnt want to buy any for a few reasons,

1. Its expensive and i only have a summer job
2. Im not supposed to have it and well the last thing i want to do is fuck up and get Airsoft banned
3. I would be hatted by alot of people

So im only here to ask these two questions

Whats the status on the c15 bill? i read an article on planet airsoft giving info on it, but that was in june, is it about to pass or something ? has it been disaprooved? im worried because ive also hear about a bill in the Uk for banning airsoft. Im gonna have to wait til im 18 to airsoft and i just want to know if it will be still there when i become 18

Secondly, what happened to Springers ? springers seemed like the good thing to get since its easy, cheap and good to play with family and friends but ... everysinge canadian retailer has them on " discontinued " or " out of stock "

Sorry if i piss anyone off..
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