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Lol the intention of this post isn't to get money back or challenge someone's rep. It's to fix/improve the gun. (I do however have all the PM's, texts, and many witnesses for the day of purchase and game times.) I understand the guntech's need to protect rep, it's no different than my years on the car/computer scene. Like I said, seems like a good guy!
Anyway, I don't think this is a lost cause?? I just want ideas to fix things up! I'm not one to give up and sell. I fix and mod almost everything I own bc it's fun.

It's sitting at 410 fps. But I will try to improve the Flat-hop. Stick with 50*? Or do I need to go at least 60? One guy just said the stock was best for him. My friend appears to be finding the same thing.

I also have a madbull 363 TBB that is maybe an inch short of the stock (and the outer barrel). Will this play a significant role on spread? (My reading says no)
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