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zelly, while Cameron's statements may have "made sense" (no one is saying they didn't) the problem is many of his conclusions where based on demonstrably fallacious postulations -- which I clearly quoted from the CCC.

And even if the court case did re-interpret airguns/airsoft into Controlled Firearms, the ruling alone does not invalidate or re-write entire sections of the Criminal Code -- and if that was the case, any lawyer would appeal this ruling because its contrary to the law as it is currently written.

And I'm going to take this a step further because its been bugging me the past couple of day: all this rhetoric stems from a statement posted by the NFA. The NFA which for all these years snubbed and looked down on airguns and especially airsoft. And this is a trend with many of the "real steel" gun owners, isn't it: they want to protect their own hobby but simultaneously disrespect a subset of that hobby because they don't personally approve of people having expensive BB guns and think its stupid some airsofters have sunk more money into their hobby than they have into their "real firearms" (butthurt, maybe?).

Considering we've understood that our airsoft were now considered firearms for the past few years, if this was truly news to the NFA it only serves to demonstrate how little attention they were paying to anything airgun/airsoft-related, and that's hardly surprising given the negative attitude they've historically shown towards it.

But what I find truly hard to believe is that there isn't a single lawyer -- or at least someone legally knowledgeable -- at the NFA who could vet public statements for accuracy before releasing them.

So I'm really left wondering if this is intentional misinformation being spread by the NFA just so they can later vilify airsoft and throw us under the bus? "Oh look at those airsofters, breaking all the firearms laws. They're the reason we can't have nice things!"

I certainly hope that isn't the case for that would be a worse betrayal, to both airsofters and gun owners alike (cuz who's the say your pistol or black rifle isn't next), than any government-passed law.
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