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I think you may be reading hostility into these posts where there in fact is none.
The internet can be a frustrating place for serious discussion because there is no body language and vocal tone to go along with a discussion and establish intent. That can turn some discussions into a shitstorm where everybody reads their own negative bias into everyone else's posts.

I've been active here long enough to understand that there is very seldom any actual malice thrown around on this forum, and when there is, it's made abundantly clear. However, since we are all adults, and our hobby is layered with some very serious issues, responses to anything tend to be very blunt. They tend to be extra blunt when dealing with confused or misinformed opinions, ideas, or plans. This is to ensure that confusion is ironed out before it snowballs into full-blown bullshit.

You have the right to be all haughty and offended, but if you and your esteemed friend made an effort to ask questions about our side of the table and discuss rather than open a fact battle, you really wouldn't have to.

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