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Originally Posted by Cameron SS View Post


...Note the lack of reference to centre-fire ammo. It simply says cartridge of the type for which it was designed. If it was designed to hold Airsoft Pellets, and it is designed for use in a full auto firearm, it is limited to five rounds. Yes there is an exemption for rimfires, but that obviously doesn't affect Airsoft.

Just for reference purposes, Section 84 of the criminal code defines both "ammunition" and "cartridge magazine".

“ammunition” means a cartridge containing a projectile designed to be discharged from a firearm and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, includes a caseless cartridge and a shot shell;

“cartridge magazine” means a device or container from which ammunition may be fed into the firing chamber of a firearm;

Again, no reference to centre-fire/rimfire. Airsoft guns discharge projectiles, and have chambers, there both of the above definitions easily apply to Airsoft guns...


...I am admittedly unfamiliar with airsoft, but quite familiar with the law, particularly the criminal code and firearms law...


...This is not misinformation...

Clipping my personal observations on content.

1: Airsoft guns do not operate on a cartridge-based system. Unless, of course, you counted the (Airsoft) magazine as the 'cartridge' in this interpretation (a huge and absurd stretch), and the user's load bearing equipment as the 'magazine' (ditto).

2: (see article [1]) That much is true.

3: Within the context of this deteriorating argument, it's fall-back position resting on pedantics, and your own admitted ignorance of the subject of this argument, yes, it is.
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