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Originally Posted by Cameron SS View Post
Sadly, I think you have grossly underestimated the importance of this ruling.
Do you know understand what the ruling was? Do you even know what the specific case in question was about?

With ALL barreled weapons firing projectiles faster than 214 FPS being classified as Firearms, it is now an CRIMINAL offence to point an Airsoft gun at a person. This essentially prohibits person vs person Airsoft use.
The 214 fps bit was presumably intended for for pellet guns, in the context of the court case. The defined parameters set out for airsoft guns (0.2g@366fps) haven't changed, nor has the CCC been changed in any way.

People with prohibition orders as a result of a criminal conviction are also now prohibited from being in possession of airsoft guns.
That became true two years ago.

Anyone caught giving, selling, or offering to give or sell Airsoft equipment to someone not authorized to have it can be convicted for weapons trafficking.
Not according to the CCC.

Airsoft guns are now officially subject to the Criminal Code regulations for storage and transportation, display etc.
No, they are not. As quoted in the other thread, the CCC specifically identifies parameters for low power airguns (including airsoft which are not considered to be Replica Firearms) which are exempt from the Firearms Act (which covers storage, transportation, etc).

Airsoft guns are now ALSO subject to the regulations for magazine capacities
Again, no.

It is also now an offence to carry any Airsoft firearm concealed, which includes anywhere on your person, in your bag, or in your car.
On your person in public, yes (but that was always the case). In your car its fine, just as its always been.

Prior to this ruling there was nothing that made +214 FPS Airsoft illegal, but it is certainly MORE regulated now than it was before.
Nothing makes them illegal now (unless someone secretly amended the CCC overnight), and its sub-366 fps airsoft guns which remain illegal.

While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I think you should inform yourself a bit better about the law, airsoft, and please refrain from posting misinformation as fact.
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