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Hi Guys, I am new to the forum. I am a firearms enthusiast, and an active user over on a popular firearms forum. This issue is being much discussed there, and I wanted to come here to see specifically if, how, and what the Airsoft community was doing in reaction to this very significant ruling.

I am not a troll I swear, but I do have a legal background that tells me that this court ruling is going to significantly impact the Airsoft and Paintball sports unless it is addressed by legislation from Parliament.

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Would it be possible to move the thread into a public section so all the non AVed members can access it?
Agreed. I have not yet done the age verification thing, and would very much like to be able to join that discussion.

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It anything this ruling HELPS the sport because this is the actual Supreme court ruling that airguns are firearms, not the CBSA just saying they are.

The sky is not falling, go about your business people.
Sadly, I think you have grossly underestimated the importance of this ruling.

The Criminal Code makes it an offence to point a firearm at someone. You can not consent to a criminal code offence, and there is no waiver.

With ALL barreled weapons firing projectiles faster than 214 FPS being classified as Firearms, it is now an CRIMINAL offence to point an Airsoft gun at a person. This essentially prohibits person vs person Airsoft use.

Also, if you live in a municipality that has a ban on the discharge of firearms, it is now prohibited to discharge an Airsoft gun as well, regardless of what you are shooting at.

It is also now illegal to modify a semi auto airsoft gun to become full-auto.

People with prohibition orders as a result of a criminal conviction are also now prohibited from being in possession of airsoft guns. Anyone caught giving, selling, or offering to give or sell Airsoft equipment to someone not authorized to have it can be convicted for weapons trafficking.

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Exactly right. There is NO banning or restriction to airsoft in anyway. It MAY change the way we transport and store our guns, but probably not. It MAY illegalize the ownership of airsoft guns to certain criminally charged individuals, but probably not. That's worst case scenario, but by no means shocking, scary or unreasonable to the Canadian airsoft community.

Settle all nerves!
There is no MAY about it.

Airsoft guns are now officially subject to the Criminal Code regulations for storage and transportation, display etc. They have been for a while in fact, but it has now been affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada, and without legislation, it can not change.

Airsoft guns are now ALSO subject to the regulations for magazine capacities, meaning restricted Airsoft handgun magazines with a capacity of more 10 rounds are prohibited devices, and are illegal to own. Restricted Airsoft Rifles, and any automatic Airsoft gun magazines containing more than 5 rds are now prohibited devices, and are illegal to own.

It is also now an offence to carry any Airsoft firearm concealed, which includes anywhere on your person, in your bag, or in your car.

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air guns have real uses too besides airsoft, people compete with air rifles already. So an outright ban on a legitimate sport that uses firearms seems unlikely and from reading it it may even legalize airsoft that can shoot above 214 fps. But the CBSA can still play by its own rules.
Many things that have real uses are regulated under law, up to and including being restricted or prohibited all together. Many things and sports that were at one point in time considered legitimate, and sometimes still are considered legitimate, are regulated. Airsoft is now one of those things. Unfortunately, it is now regulated by the most oppressive and onerous section of Canadian law, being the Criminal Code.

I am not sure of the legal issues specific to Airsoft guns and CBSA/Importation etc that you are referring to, but I suspect this ruling will substantiate and support what CBSA has already been doing for some time. Prior to this ruling there was nothing that made +214 FPS Airsoft illegal, but it is certainly MORE regulated now than it was before.

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