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"VFC" Scar L troubleshoot - ideas?

After this poor show, I then took it apart. PROPERLY. Following guides and taking my buddy's apart first .

The face of the bucking is chewed. It is being pressed into the feed area too much.

Yes I am new to Airsoft. No I am not new to mechanical tinkering, and especially not forum marketplace environments. If I can strip a technologically advanced car and put it together. I can do a gun with a few parts (eg, first thing I did was replace internals on my first gun's V3, pinion shim, and aluminum hop chamber, flat hopped it, works great).

I personally thought Hughes was super friendly. These are issues that shooting in a room vs shooting in a field would provide different results.

I posted this thread to expedite tips and troubleshooting while I did analyzed the gun to determine issues. I wanted feedback from the experts as the owner is too busy to respond. Glad to hear a new bucking would help, that's what I thought. Hopefully the nub will help as well.
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