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"VFC" Scar L troubleshoot - ideas?

This is incorrect. I did not take the gun apart upon arrival. I bought it in the AM and went directly out to the field to play. Owner said he would have it set up and ready to go for my day.
Performance did not turn out the way it was described too. Mag pull grip was not provided as described (gave an strike industries grip instead).
Additionally, 2 mags were jammed, and when notified, replied with "didn't realize" even though they were marked with big "X's". Missing hop up adjustment tool (just use my fingers)etc etc.
Sure the gun shot. Having dead mags didn't help the experience of course. The gun still jams or double feeds consistently.
The hop up is not very consistent, meaning BB fired: 1. Drops at 70ft; 2. Straight-ish flight passed; 3. Similar straight flight; 4. Too much hop BB climbs erratically/spirals at 70ft; 5. Straight or drops. The resulting spread is larger than my friend. Wind does play an affect, shots downwind go further with the same effect.
I have a Guarder 50* & nub on order.

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