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There are old farts who smoke like it's going out of style (also "tactical mall ninjas" that get winded walking up a flight of stairs) I don't think you'll be at that much of a disadvantage but seriously the community is great but I can't speak for your area. Just be selective of which groups you play with and you'll have no problem. I'm not going to sugar coat it and tell you everything is just peachy when there are bad groups out there just avoid playing with them. Be safe in the safe zone and don't misfire in the safe zone if your coordination/motor skills are poor and you'll be fine.

Just wondering, it's not something like Cerebral Palsy is it? Personally I'm fine with it in day to day but it would be a bit weird if someone were to show up to a game with it, I'd honestly probably do a double take but other than that I'd try to be welcoming and make sure any new player has a good time.
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