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"VFC" Scar L troubleshoot - ideas?

Can't seem to post in Gun doctor. Most likely need more posts...
If this can be moved would be helpful!

Bought this "VFC" SCAR L from Hughes:
-11.1 lipo (to be replaced with 7.4).
-.25 match grade BBs from evike (work perfectly on buddy's brand new VFC scar L)
-70* bucking
-flat hop mod

Among several issues of mags being jammed, or pieces missing, My major problem is #3, which takes priority.

It's been running okay, but definitely giving me trouble.

1. It miss-feeds consistently. I noticed the nozzle is visible thru the feeding tube, which makes me think that might be preventing BBs from getting in properly. For example, to shoot my first BB it dry fires once then as the nozzle slides back and resets it allows on in and then it works.

2. Also jams due to hop up easily. The flat hop mod is very aggressive. It takes minute adjustments that put it from no hop to jammed. BBs start doubling up and falling out the barrel. I recognize this right away and stop shooting of course. I noticed it also takes quite a bit of force, respectively, to push the BB through the bucking manually. My guess is this can be fixed with a new bucking and maybe reduced flat hop height.

3. **** After sitting in the cold (trunk for a few hours), my gun seems to refuse to fires. The trigger pulls and no engagement whatsoever. It has made a solid shot 2 times. But took 1/20.
Have checked:
-battery: tried 11.1 lipo (voltage check each cell), 9.6 nimh,
-continuity in wiring thru stock
-continuity in mechanism (semi on, trigger pulled & test)
-wire leads on motor at bottom of pistol grip look good.
-direct feed of batter to back of mechanism provided second partial shot. Then nothing.

Any help would be appreciated as I have a big event tomorrow with the guys and gals.

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