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Be Careful...

Be careful to Google your city's bylaws.

In Milton, Ontario, technically it is part of the GTA now, or GTHA, where it is a bylaw that even airsoft pistols are illegal to be discharged.

Even if you ignore that bylaw, the local Milton bylaw outlaws discharge of "Firearms" which is hilariously defined as:

Originally Posted by Milton_ByLaw_1995
"Firearm" shall mean any type of gun or other firearms, air-guns, pellet guns, spring guns, cross-bows, long-bows, compound-bows or any class or type thereof, or anything that can be adapted for use as a firearm.
except of course within "prohibited areas" which is basically the rural areas, surrounding the cities. Then you can discharge them with specific precautions, not within 30M of a highway, or 150 ft or so from a house or something.

Canadian law seems so "pussy-like" to me. Not only can we not responsibly own and control firearms, we cant even fire a fricking airsoft gun that fires plastic...

Our law does not specify the firearms velocity or muzzle velocity. It just outright bans them all. SO retarted.

We need new government and re-written law, allowing us to do as we please as long as we are not hurting, killing, or causing shit. Of course with respecting property and ownership rights of others.

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