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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
100 years won't get you an auto bump. It's not just about verifying age, it's about verifying you.

The ONLY way to be verified is as follows.

- Contact a verifier as close to you as possible. Verifiers are volunteers, so they may be too busy with work, away on holidays, busy with their kids, going through a divorce, etc. It usually is a good idea to PM a few and see who's available.

- Next yourself and the verifier must set up an in person meeting. No webcams, no third parties, etc. It must you and a verifier face to face, period. It'll be on you to mostly be time flexible and to likely do the lion's share of the travelling as once again, verifiers are volunteers, and have to do a lot of these between their jobs and personal lives.

- During the AV, the verifier will ask you a few questions while reiterating a few important points about ASC, just to make sure you have the tools and recommendations, as well as understand some key rules about being age verified. All this person does after the meeting is post your information onto a private board to be approved by the appropriate moderator.

- In order for the verifier to verify who you are, they'll need to see you in person, be provided with government issue photo identification, and check your real, full name as well as your date of birth. This also gives them the chance to see you beside your ID.

- Next is a short wait period, usually 1-2 weeks. An appropriate moderator, who is also a volunteer, will go through the new AV section and approve a block of new ones. Usually a block is done every week or so, so it can depend on the amount of people waiting for verification.
All this has been taken care of and done. Jonothan from Northern Arms verified that i am 31 and it has been a few weeks since we had the face to face. I just wanted to know who to msg to dig for mine. And if its a few volunteers only, id like to sign up as i can "volunteer" an hour daily to those waiting Months to be verified.
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