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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
get a reputable gun tech.

Well if you're going to play indoor with this gun, then it's better to leave it at the indoor velocity, you'll have to live with shooting 10-15m less than everyone else.

If you find yourself playing both equally, getting a second gun will save you some grief and cost you about the same, and give you a backup in case something goes wrong with your one.

280 with a .25 is about 310fps I think. The physics aren't in your favor to be competitive with this setup.

a 120 spring with proper setup should be shooting 410-420 with .2s Only the really knowledgeable techs will start manipulating other parts of the gearbox to bring a 120 down in power, and that's through changing the length the piston draws back. It's not something most spring swappers will attempt.
Maybe bad compression?..well its a possibility..
Although changing springs every time for a different game is just too much.
Um..maybe...I don't know..he did give me the original piston and spring. Along with a G2 delayer?? and another tappet plate.

I do have another rifle. I was having back issues with a full length metal AK and that's why I switched over to a short P90..Although I do notice the difference of build quality between the P90 and AK..and of course..the full metal AK is so solid and well built..I just don't have the back power to carry it for long period of time..ADS for more than 5 seconds already have a sore back..

Although P90 lack the range, I usually make up with it by run & gun/ rush the other team. I usually try to get really close, or flank. (Ak is almost impossible to run and shoot sorta accurate) But only big fields with multiple routes would help me on that..Defensive games I'm basically dead since I lack so much range because the rules are you cannot leave the defensive position.
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