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Originally Posted by Slodin View Post
no idea, the guy who sold me this, told me he got mark(the gun doc) to install a M120 spring..But even the stock spring would shoot 380fps according to youtube videos, so its changed?

I don't really believe him after I shot it into a chrono at the field a few days after(paintball chrono should be the same as airsoft one eh?)

I was okay with lower spring just because of I do plan on playing indoor games, and that one has a rule of 330 max low.

I don't want to open the gearbox since I don't know anything about it. And it's a CA P90 so changing the spring would require opening the gearbox. (of course someone could scam me cause I don't know the internals)
There's no way there's a M120 spring in that gun shooting 280, unless there's some significant airseal problems or other issues.

A PB chronie is ok in a pinch but a proper airsoft one will be more accurate.

The P90 uses a v6 mechbox, which honestly is one of the easiest mechboxes to work on in existence. It's also really easy to get the mechbox out of a P90. Worth giving it a try, as long as you take your time, watch some vids, etc.

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