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Originally Posted by GiordanoWC

I'm down for the private meeting amongst individuals of high character, but let's not turn away others because they're simply "left wing" or "pro love"

left wing doesn't necessarily equate to anti-airsoft or anti-gun, we just stand for the responsible use and acquisition of said items.

my vote is yes in respect to the private invitation-only information session.
I agree in principal with this comment, and with the information session. I'm a new player, and would consider myself left in my views. A lot of my friends sort of raised an eye brow when I mentioned I had purchased fully auto gun clones that shot BB's for mass cash, until they shot them and had fun. I think the most common question everyone I've talked to has is: Is this legal? I wonder if police would care to attend or make their comment at such a meeting as you've suggested. We aren't subversive, perhaps legitimizing this sport in the eyes of the authorities and general public will cement its future and distinguish the responsible clubs from the dolts that buy dime store glocks and tuck them in their pants and stroll down malls trying to impress thier low-life cohorts.
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