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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
if you want high degree of accuracy and precision at farther ranges you need to use heavier BBs. The trade off is the velocity of your round, but at the end of the flight path, it's carrying more speed because it's heavier so you make up for it there. A heavier round will be less prone to being blown by a breeze or mousefarts, also more likely to not have air bubbles that throw off the balance as it spins through the air.

A lighter bb doesn't carry as much momentum so air resistance will slow it down much faster than a heavier round.
Yeah, I use a .25 BB..and currently at 250ish fps with that .25. I don't think I should make the BB any heavier..And during the game it's shooting really straight as in it doesn't shift to the left and right much but wind does play a heavy factor.

I have to put a ACOG on my P90 to be able to sight because my lower mask just won't let me iron sight. It looks really funny

Originally Posted by beta678 View Post
Lol, yeah whole line of plates there spaced 50ft apart I think, pretty much for airsoft use only I think. Try for the 150ft plate w/ the P90, would be a good range to zero at.

Oh and just an FYI, eyepro and barrel condom rules apply for that range, and ceasefires when people are walking along the path next to it.
Yeah, Will do!

Originally Posted by KenTsui View Post
If you have trouble seeing the bb, try shooting it at different backgrounds. Depending on the lighting, you may be able to see it better shooting at dark areas or maybe more open, brighter areas. As someone has said, white bb's usually show up best on a good sunny day.

If you STILL couldn't see it... get glasses?
Glasses won't help. My eye sight is pretty good. And we use white BBs..
It was a rainy day tho. Sometimes I can see it, Sometimes I can't. It's hard to see where exactly it curves because it's flying straight when I'm looking through my ACOG, I can see it curves, just don't know where.

I'd probably get a friend to stand on the side when I'm adjusting
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