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Originally Posted by beta678 View Post
Panther's range is ~220ft so you should be able to zero your gun pretty easily, unless you're using that tiny indoor one the rentals and paintballers seem to use. If that's the case, use the one by the parking lot the regulars use, any one of the guys there will help you out if you need it.

Get someone to spot for you while you shoot, helps out. There's a tiny diamond plate at the end of the range I aim to hit consistently w/ my G3 before I'm happy w/ the hop up setting. god damn I didn't know there is somewhere to do this near the parking lot..I just saw a bunch of airsoft people carrying a mortar test launching a nerf rocket near there..

I use to play paintball there, so I assumed to use that little range to test fire..
Thanks for that info..adjustment during a game is too painful..

Always wondered why I get blasted long range, but short/mid range I can take out multiple enemies since hopup has almost no effect. I run a P90 now, so I try to close the gap as much as possible, but there are gamemodes that requires me to engage long range targets. Yesterday a guy shot 20+ rounds full auto into a hole about a persons hand size from farrr away with an AEG..
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