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Hop up adjustment, how do you guys do it?

Again..I came here with questions. Sorry.
I feel like I had been asking way to many stupid questions, this kind of question should be answered long ago. However, I used the forum search and google and turned up with nothing useful.

Everywhere people would say adjust your hop up to get a more accurate shot. But how do you guys adjust it? What I mean is that you are obviously required to have a large field to do the "shoot & adjust" method. I tried to do it at the field, but I don't really know where the BB lands. I can see where it curves down sort of, but I don't know my adjustments are making it curve earlier or later..I can't really tell.

At home there is no way to adjust the hop up. My back yard certainly isn't big enough for the bb to even curve before hitting a wall. Same with panther's little "shooting range", it's just way too short. Has to adjust it during a game, and that doesn't help the fact I'm engaging the enemy player while taking note where to adjust next..

How do you guys do it?
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