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Hmmm, typically CBSA doesn't ask returning Canadian Citizens what they do for a living... that's pretty strange. Usually that's the question asked by US Customs when we enter the US to see if we plan on working there.

In terms of her reaction, that's also unusual, probably a new officer.

Last time I returned from the US I had $240, my friend had $205, the CBSA agent in the booth told us to go inside... we were really confused as we were so little over the limit but whatever, we went in. Went up to the cashier and gave her all our receipts... we had assumed, incorrectly, that we only paid duty on items over the allowance when in fact you pay for the entire amount if you go over the limit. The cashier also seemed confused, she asked us how long we'd been in the US, we replied about 32 hours. We're waiting for her to tell us how much we owe but instead she turns to the two CBSA officers sitting further down and says "I don't know what to do".... now I'm confused, I wasn't happy that I had to pay duty for the full $240 but was like whatever, if that's the rule then that's the rule. She tells them the amounts and the officers say, "oh they must have not been there overnight", but she tells them we were. So the officers ask to see the card given by the officer in the booth and it clearly says "24 hours"... the two officers look at each other for about 3 seconds then the one says to us "have a good day".

So basically, the confusion inside was because people so little over the limit don't get sent inside to pay duty, the officer in the booth was either new or just not having a good day, happens to all of us. So it's always a dice throw whenever you bring anything back from the US but most of the time I've found the CBSA to be fairly reasonable but as with any job involving the public, all it takes is some ahole ahead of you to make things difficult for the rest of us.

In the end, you're not trying to bring back anything illegal and really only have to declare them as clothing.
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