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Importation from USA to Canada (Airsoft Gears)


I know it's legal(I think it is??) to import camo uniforms and tactical vests over to Canada. However, I really don't know how to go about it, because these can be used with real steel firearms and I really wonder what I should do driving back to the border.

Should I just declare it: umm..I bought 2 things for airsoft to use myself. A replica camo uniform, and a replica tactical vest and the total is 100 dollars. It just sounds so weird and suspicious. I try to avoid bring airsoft related items across the border, but sometimes the deals are just too good in the US.

I'm going to portland for a few days and I sorta want to know if anyone had any experience with this. I know there are import topics, but they are mostly for guns. I'm well over the guns now..those damn cheap prices.

Thanks for any input.
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