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To add on that;
It IS a balance of fps and weight.
FPS alone won't give you any real improvement.
If your hop rubber can't lift anything heavier than a .25, then obviously you won't gain any extra range with heavier ammo.
If an Rhop on a stock marui can lift .30s, you better believe it will actually increase your range. It's also why some of us run heavy ammo in pistols.

Your idea of lighter BBs getting to their target faster is both correct and incorrect.
If the lighter BB is traveling say 25fps faster than the heavier BB, there is a point where a lighter BB will lose so much velocity in flight, that a heavier BB will actually arrive on target BEFORE the lighter BB. This would be comparing two guns both at 400fps, one using .28s and one using .30s.
If both BB's are fired at the same relative velocity, the heavier BB will arrive on target first since it doesn't lose as much velocity in flight. This would be comparing a 380fps gun on .28s versus a 420fps gun on .32s.
In shorter distances, of course a lighter BB will arrive first, that's why they're the best choice for CQB.
So depending what ranges you're engaging at.... in CQB at 25-100ft, a .25 would most definitely be advantageous over a .30

If the hop spin destabilizes before the end of the flight path, that's a clear indicator that you need to use heavier ammo.
The inherent problem with lighter ammo is it tends to naturally have defects. Like .20s and .25s tend to have bubbles, or just tend to be less accurate. Whether you shoot a .25g BB at 280fps or 500fps, the accuracy will be about the same. It's going to destabilize just as fast at 280fps as it does at 500fps, it's just more noticeable at 500fps since the round won't be dropping short all the time.
What I've been finding over the years is that there's a sweet spot of velocity that every 6mm spheroid likes to be at, and that's a relative velocity of right around 330-340fps. At 380fps we recommend .28s, and at 420fps we recommend .32s, the relative velocity remains constant at ~330fps, but the range increases since the .32 loses it's energy less quickly.
That could be incorrect since I don't have free access to some nice heavy rounds .36-.43, but so far that's what I've found.

It somewhat comes down to personal preference. I don't notice too many people trying to dodge my BBs, so I run as heavy ammo as possible to increase my range and accuracy. I'd rather have a chance of hitting someone at 300ft and deal with them dodging them if they see it.
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